Adventure One

by Throne Of Iron

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Agent Michael Ford
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Agent Michael Ford Just incredible. One of, if not the best, of the new wave of traditional metal that’s been coming out over the last decade. Favorite track: A Call To Adventure.
Tym(E))) (((M)achine
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Tym(E))) (((M)achine I love shit that comes from the Hoosier state, and while I was put off at first by the vocals here I must say...

I rolled the dice and came up satisfied...
Grimslath thumbnail
Grimslath Roll for initiative.

You enter a crypt.

At one end stand four thrones of Iron, a metal warrior sitting in each.

Take a perception test. Passed.

You can feel the power emanating from the metal warriors. They wait for the time of awakening.

Dare you unleash this magic? You do. A wise choice, friend.

The warriors each rise and as they stand a flood of riffs storm into your mind. A glorious force of epic power fills you with thoughts of glory and adventure.
Adventure One has begun. Excelsior! Favorite track: The Allure Of Silver.
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“Adventure One” was recorded at Dark Dive Recording, Ellettsville, Indiana by Jacob Lett and Tucker Thomasson and mixed at The Inn, Bloomington, Indiana by Tucker Thomasson.

Mastered by Bart Gabriel

Throne Of Iron is:

Tucker Thomasson – Vocals and Guitar
Jacob Lett – Drums and Backing Vocals
Corwin Deckard – Guitar and Synth
Evan Pruitt – Bass

Cover artwork by David Paul Seymour

These songs are inspired by long nights spent rolling the dice, downing many flagons of ale, and spending quality time with good friends in wood paneled basements all over the world. We hope that this album will provide a quality soundtrack for your dungeon crawling adventures!


released February 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Throne Of Iron Bloomington, Indiana

Sounds from a wood paneled basement, fueled by cheap beer, and driven to adventure.

Tucker Thomasson
Corwin Deckard
Jacob Lett
Evan Pruitt


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Track Name: A Call To Adventure
Come ye adventurers, gather all 'round
There's fame and fortune to be found
A grand adventure awaits you all
Shining steel rings through the hall

Through valleys wide we will ride
Across the mountains we will climb
To seek the thrill a journey brings
So come with me and roll the dice

Out on the road, hardships you will face
Pushing through the snow and driving rain
And yet in spite of it all,
You will miss this when you're home


Solos: Tucker

Come ye adventurers, gather all 'round
There's fame and fortune to be found
A grand adventure awaits you all
Shining steel rings through the hall
Track Name: Past The Doors Of Death
Hark! A traitor in our midst, assassin in the court
Villain in the night
Search the palace now, don't leave him alive
Slayer of the queen, now die!

Chorus 1:
Scattered to the wind, his love and his mind
Both perished that night
Destitute and mad, once a gentle king
Here's the tyrant's rise

Isolated lord, self-imposed exile
Leaving barren throne to waste
New king takes the throne, old one is deposed
Crowned in sorrow, now he lies
Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Seeking ancient rites to augment his life
Lord of men afraid to die
Shambling through the years, consumed by his tears
Witness his new rise

Solo: Corwin
Solo: Tucker

Searching through the depths, many years have passed
Hunting frantically for what?
For a second chance, or to take revenge
On usurper on his throne

Track Name: Dark Shrine Of Rituals
From the pits of madness
From the depths of sadness
Comes a thirst for power
For the rites of lichdom
The dread king searches
For the formula of old

He seeks the power forbidden to be sought
He seeks the arcane never to be taught

From the tomes of magick
Through a life so tragic
He wants unceasing might
To exert his will and strive to kill
The mages of the light

He gains the power never to be sought
Acquired arcane and now his will be done


Solo: Corwin

Now the great deceiver,
Kept alive by evil,
Has ascended to his throne
No one here will save us,
Warrior or magus,
We must do as we are told

He holds the power to never be deposed
He wields the arcane, he'll never be dethroned
Track Name: The Power Of Will
Roaring to life, coming to meet the fight
It's our time to seize the night
Rising from the depths, the challenge lies ahead
Oak-walled fortress, sacred shrine

This is the power of will
Persevere and you will find
This is the power of will
Take the reigns and test your might

Temples forged in steel, hammers held to the sky
This is your day, this is your fight!
Rising from the depths, the challenge has been met
Hoist the iron to the sky


Solo: Tucker
Solo: Corwin

Know you have the might to change your lot in life
Don't let despair kill the light
Risen from the depths, the challenge has been met
Iron hoisted to the sky!
Track Name: Lichspire
Coming now for your head, ancient blight upon the land
Darkened tower, old king's fortress falling to my hand
Hollow sockets filled with fire gazing down at me
Smashing down the tower gates, I ascend the Lich's spire

Usurper of the throne
Decayed lord of the spire
Infamous sorcerer
For your wretched un-life

Hordes of undead lay inside tower dire
Smashing blade against the bone, shattered foes
Glowing eyes in the dark will not repel me
From my sworn duty to slay the Lich King for all time


Solo: Tucker

Standing in the throne room now, corpses strewn about
Gesture of his bony hand casts a spell
All the foes as dispatched with all ease
Lich King falls to his knees, reliquary smashed under foot
Track Name: The Fourth Battle of the Ash Plains
Stalwart we march out to battle, burnt soil beneath our feet
Into the valley where the foes stand watch, awaiting defeat or retreat
Banners and horns will signal the onslaught into their ranks
Form on me, hold your shield tight if you wish to survive

We fight upon the cursed ground to preserve all we know and hold dear
Upon the ash plains we stand tall to face our enemies with no fear

Teeth clench as they meet our shield wall, bracing ourselves to the impact
Hacking and slashing with our swords, driving the fiendish horde back
Sorcerers casting projectiles, archer rain death from the skies
Ash plains are now stained with blood, the gods will forgive not their crimes


Solo: Tucker
Solo: Corwin

Track Name: The Allure Of Silver
Down in the depths in a forgotten world,
Unseen in ages lies riches untold
Kept under darkness in long abandoned halls
The ghosts of Dwarves hold vigil in these walls

Hear me now, we could live like kings
With those gold bars and silver rings
I can guide you to the horde of dreams
So take my hand and follow me

Torches light the way through caverns in the deep
Nobody knows what beasts there may sleep
But with these riches, we seek a better life
For debts, kin, or glory, or merely to survive


Solo: Tucker

Track Name: Wish

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